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 Price is what you pay. Value is what you get 

 1st hour private rent  € 240 inclusive hostess  € 300
 1.5 hour private rent  € 330  inclusive hostess  € 410
2 hours private rent  € 420  inclusive hostess  € 520
2.5 hours private rent € 510  inclusive hostess  € 630
3 hours private rent  € 600  inclusive hostess € 740
 3.5 hours private rent  € 690  inclusive hostess  € 850

All prices are inclusive off vat, taxes, pick up within the ring of canals, exclusive of catering and drinks.

Please note the following

• Our cruises with extensive catering or diner are always inclusive of a host(ess) as we want to ensure you receive the service which belongs with saloonboat lieve.

• Extending your cruise is possible as long as our schedule allows it, per 15 minutes €50

• Pick up outside the ring of canals, per 15 minutes €40

• If we have to wait during the time frame you have booked saloonboat lieve, per 15 minutes €40

• Up till 17.30pm you can book us for a minimum of 1.5 hours, after 17.30pm it will be a minimum of 2 hours.

• Your invoice can be settled at the end of the cruise by pin, cash or if requested we can sent a invoice which we expect to be settled within two weeks.

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